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Since 1998, we have used our experience in the pharmaceutical field, as well as our network to handle nutritional products, health food materials, and cosmetics. Our customers recognize us to always focus on high quality, attractive prices and stable supply. Please feel free to contact us for information concerning the products listed below and any other speciality item.

Food Materials

Plant Extract Panax notoginseng saponins
・Blackcurrant Extract Powder (Anthocyanins 20%, 35%)
・Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate (Brix 65)
・Cassis Seed Oil
・Cassis Juice Powder (Flavoring)
Grape Seed Extract Powder
Bulgar Rose Damascena Water
Bulgar Rose Alba Water
Animal Extract Taurine(Extract)
Placenta Extract (Food Grade) (Porcine/Equine/Bovine)
Collagen liquid(Horse Acilles tendon)
Heart muscle extract (Horse heart)
Penis Extract (Horse penis)
Testicular extract (Horse testicle)
Collagen (Black pig tendon)
Umbilical cord extract (Swine umbilical cord)
Marine Extract Taurine(Oyster)
Marine Placenta®(Salmon)
Marine Chondroitin®(Salmon)


Apple Water(JSQI)
White Tea Extract(JSQI)
Marine Placenta®
Bulgar Rose Alba Water(SNY's original Specification)
Bulgar Rose Damascena Water(JSQI)
Blackcurrant seed oil

Japanese Health Candy Series

Sakura Candy
Matcha Candy

Professional Affiliations(Foods & Cosmetics)

Japan Cosmetic Suppliers Association Japan Cassis Association
Japan Confectionery and Innovative Food Ingredients Research Center Japan Food Additives Association

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